Our Story

Vetta Pasta and Vetta Flour are 100% Australian family owned and made, expertly crafted and produced by Rinoldi, one of Australia's oldest food manufacturers established in 1878.

At Vetta, we believe that by making great tasting food better for you, everybody wins.


Vetta Pasta

Using the finest Australian durum wheat and made according to traditional Italian pasta making methods, Vetta's award-winning range of products includes Vetta SMART Fibre, Vetta SMART Protein and the responsibly sourced Vetta Rural Aid range.

No wonder Vetta is the pasta of choice for all pasta lovers!


Vetta Flour

Vetta SMART Protein Flour is made from responsibly farmed Australian wheat, and naturally delivers twice the protein, twice the fibre and 25% less carbs vs. regular flour.

No wonder Vetta Flour is a SMART choice for a healthier you!