Vetta SMART Fibre Lasagne

Twice the fibre. Same great taste!
Vetta SMART® Fibre Instant Lasagne sheets has twice the fibre*, yet the same great taste as regular lasagana. This means the whole family can enjoy Vetta SMART, without even knowing it’s better for them! It’s also low GI**, a good source of protein and naturally low in fat.

No wonder Vetta is the pasta of choice for all pasta lovers!

Vetta SMART Fibre is the only range of pasta products to provide consumers with a high fibre option that looks and tastes the same as standard pasta.

Available in the main pasta aisle in Coles.

Check out the full Vetta SMART Fibre range here.

Vetta SMART is also available in Kids Shapes - click here to view the Vetta SMART Kids range.

Nutritionists and medical practitioners are the first to highlight the importance of fibre in an everyday diet. Benefits of high fibre include lowering the risk of heart disease and diabetes, stabilising blood glucose levels, maintaining and assisting with weight loss and the ability to prevent or relieve constipation. A diet high in fibre also helps to reduce the risk of digestive and bowel diseases.

Fibre is a key component of any eating plan. With an average Australian family consuming a pasta meal twice a week, Vetta High Fibre products make it easy to increase your family's fibre intake without changing the taste of your favourite pasta recipes. Vetta High Fibre products are also a great way for parents to increase their child's fibre intake, without the added stress of trying to change what they eat.

*Vetta SMART Fibre Lasagne contains twice the fibre of regular Pasta.

**GI = 45 [low]